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. . Layla & EyeLean . .

Instagram: @LaylaTheTripodDog

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     I adopted Layla 10-30-19. Layla was a street stray, originally from Armenia. Layla was found and saved after being hit by a car (while nursing her puppies), loosing her full front right leg and all but 3 tiny misplaced teeth.. Layla was then flown over to the United States (16hr. crate trip) and taken in by Mutts in Need. 

     I adopted EyeLean 12-22-20 from "Marleys Mutts". EyeLean (formerly Meghan) was dropped off at a shelter after being attacked by a large dog. Which mangled bother front legs and loosing her right eye. The shelter casted both front legs trying to heel them but were unsuccessful. EyeLean needed a specialist. The shelter then contacted Marleys Mutts who took her in, got her to a specialist who was able to save her left leg but her right leg needed a full amputation.

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