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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

  • A progressive neurodegenerative (nerves & muscles) disease, that is 100% fatal. That can effect anyone. There are 2 types.
  • Rare, 6K in US diagnosed and projected that 20K have it in the US.
  • Average age it happens to is 40-70 years old (60% recorded are men and 93% recorded are caucasian).
  • Average life expectancy, from time of diagnoses 2-5 years.

Why ALS is close to my heart

Our Father was diagnosed with ALS late July 2016. His symptoms started around January 2016 with slight loss of strength in his hands and progressively got worse. I contacted the ALS association (Orange County Chapter) in August 2016 and spoke with Natalie and a few others. I was amazed by the empathetic/sympathetic support they have already offered in our Dads stages of this EVIL disease. Our Dad is a former gymnast, well know judge and coach within the gymnastics community. So much so that our Dad is in the Gymnastic Judges Hall Of Fame (2011). It was extremely hard to see our Father, a man who has been so physically strong, become physically weak.

Our Father lost his battle with ALS 11-25-18.

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