L i s a ' s M y S t y l i s t - Layla The Tripod Dog
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L a y l a

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Meet my new tripod fur baby!
        Layla is believed to be a six-year-old, ‘Rat Terrier’ mix. Layla was flown over to the United States (30hr. crate trip) from Armenia after a car hit her while she was nursing her puppies. Layla lost her full front right leg and all but three tiny misplaced teeth. Armenia unfortunately has a large population of stray animals and an evil trend for hurting those stray animals (shooting, throwing axes and hitting with cars. They 'say' majority of the time due to people protecting their land/farms). "Mutts in Need " out of Newport Beach, CA. got connected with the rescue in Armenia and took in Layla (formerly Layma). Her absolutely lovely and amazing foster mom Kym watched her for over a year with only a few applications received. 

          I believe that Layla and I were meant to be! Waiting patiently for me as I was working on building my heart back up after losing my Lupe' June 2018. Knowing that my last golden girl Tulla has given me 25 years already is amazing but I know the dreaded day is unavoidable. What a better way to restore love and hope by bringing in another fur baby, in need of a solid home. 

          Layla will benefit greatly if she is able to have a custom wheelchair, due to her full front leg loss. This will help her get around with a little more ease, giving a break to her good legs. My goal is to prolong the inevitable future arthritis and minimize other overcompensating injuries. I did a research bing on front lim loss dogs to know all the ins and out, what to expect etc. Layla would benefit greatly with a custom wheelchair made by "Eddies Wheels ", due to her full front leg loss. Though I believe they charge a decent price for a custom made wheelchair, they still cost thousands of pretty pennies. This will help her get around with everyday life adventure, going for longer walks, running with her dog friends, chasing a ball, overcoming curbs and slippery floors. The best part is that is will prolong the inevitable of future arthritis, living her best life for longer! 

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